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COMM 1001
FYE: Communication
COMM 1010
Elements of Effective Communication
COMM 1020
Public Speaking
COMM 1050
Introduction to Communication Theory (SS, GC)
COMM 1270
Critical Thinking and Communicating
COMM 2110
Interpersonal Communication (SS, GC)
COMM 2120
Small Group Communication
COMM 2700
Voice and Civility in Public Discourse
COMM 2710
Communication Principles of Mentorship
COMM 3010
Nonverbal Communication
COMM 3060
Communication Theory
COMM 3120
Family Communication
COMM 3130
Rhetoric and Public Communication
COMM 3150
Lying and Deception
COMM 3180
Provider and Patient Relations
COMM 3190
Intercultural Communication (SS, GC)
COMM 3200
Community Health Communication
COMM 3230
Health Communication
COMM 3330
Negotiations and Bargaining
COMM 3350
COMM 3400
Gender Communication
COMM 3460
Critical and Rhetorical Analysis
COMM 3510
Ethics in Communication
COMM 3850
Organizational Communication and System Dynamics
COMM 3990
Special Topics in Communication: Popular Media in Culture
COMM 4010
COMM 4020
Integrated Oral Presentations
COMM 4050
Leadership and High Performance Teams
COMM 4450
Communication Research
COMM 4500
Communication and Conflict
COMM 4890R
Directed Study
COMM 4900R
Communication Internship
COMM 4980
Senior Seminar
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