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SPAN 101
Elementary Spanish
SPAN 102
Elementary Spanish
SPAN 201
Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 202
Advanced Grammar
SPAN 203
Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 229
Talking about Hispanophone Cultures through Literature, Film...
SPAN 231
Ecocritical Literary Tours through South America
SPAN 238
Spanish for Business Professions
SPAN 239
Spanish for the Health Professions
SPAN 295
Introduction to U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture
SPAN 305
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis
SPAN 311
Pre-Columbian and Colonial Spanish American Texts
SPAN 320
Studies in Spanish Golden Age Texts
SPAN 331
Modernismo and Vanguardias
SPAN 351
U.S. Latina/o-Caribbean Literature
SPAN 365
Intro to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 366
Introduction to Spanish Sociolinguistics
SPAN 380
Borges and the Universe in Numbers
SPAN 385
Home, the Streets, Borders: Examining Tropes of Latino/a Cin...
SPAN 410
Haití y el Caribe hispanohabla
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