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PSYC 335 - Qualitative Research Methods in Gender and Sexuality

The psychology of gender and sexuality is the study of psychological issues relating to gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, and sexual practices. In this course, students will learn about one of the primary research methods used in the psychology of gender and sexuality – qualitative research methods. Although gender and sexuality psychologists use many methods (including experimental and quasi-experimental methods in lab and field, surveys, and observation), we will focus on interview methodology because it is particularly well-suited to studying people’s lived experience of gender and sex. Because the study of these topics has been strongly guided by feminist theory, this course will draw heavily on feminist critical perspectives on social science research. We will consider methodological topics of sampling, analysis, transferability of findings, researcher reflexivity, and research ethics. This intensive lab course will include the design and implementation of an original, community-based (on campus) research project.
WGSS Sexual & Gendered Plural
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