BIOL 408 - Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology is the study of abnormal function in living tissue. This course describes the basic biology of various disease processes, building upon the knowledge gained in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Principles of Physiology. Physiological principles underlying the causes, signs, symptoms, and pattern of development of human disease will be examined. Building upon a basic background in human biology, the manifestations of various human diseases will be explained by the way these diseases disrupt normal physiology, anatomy and biochemistry. Knowing how diseases disrupt normal physiology will also help in understanding the rationale behind many types of treatment. Health disparities will also be addressed. Pre-requisites: Cell Biology (23-215) and Genetics (23-210) with a C or better; Physiology (23-307) as a prerequisite or co-requisite; or by permission of instructors. Credit, four hours.
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