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HST 392 - Public History Internship

History students have interned with the South Hampton Historical Museum (in Long Island, NY), the Chicago History Museum, the Evanston History Center, the Frances Willard House Museum and Memorial Archives, the National Public Housing Museum, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Lake County Historical Museum, and a host of other archives, and historical organizations. In addition to evaluations from a site supervisor, a faculty member evaluates students` reflective writing that draws connections between relevant public historical readings and field experience. The Public History Concentration Director would be happy to discuss possible internship opportunities with interested students (at least a quarter in advance), and to assist in matching student interests to public history venues. Note: internship placement is incumbent upon the student. Class Notes: Permission Required. Enrollment Requirements: A C- or better in HST 199 (or HST 298) or instructor consent is a prerequisite for this course. Requirement Designation: Experiential Learning.
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