HST 379 - Reconstruction And The Rise Of Jim Crow

This course covers the history and culture of the post-Civil War United States, particularly the political epoch called Reconstruction and the establishment of the subsequent system of racial apartheid in the South commonly referred to as Jim Crow (approximately 1863-1930). Topics and themes include the major political, legal, and economic changes that occurred during the Reconstruction period; African American political and social leadership during Reconstruction; the role of Civil War veterans in the United States; the role of gender and race in establishing new legal and cultural norms under Jim Crow; the central role played by violence, particularly lynching and extralegal terrorism, in creating and maintaining segregation; and the establishment of debt peonage and convict leasing as white-controlled systems of labor control. Class Notes: Please view the class details for additional important information about this class. Gateway course for HST 390 in Winter. Enrollment Requirements: A C- or better in HST 199 (or HST 298) or instructor consent is a prerequisite for this course.
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