HST 281 - Ideas Of Nature In Us History

This course scrutinizes different conceptions of nature throughout a broad span of Western history, and includes an examination of diverse ideas that include pre-contact Native American conceptions of their environments, colonial-era attitudes toward the dwindling resources of Europe and the vast potential of the North American continent, 19th century movements such as Romanticism, Transcendentalism, acclimatization, conservation, and preservation, and 20th century ideas concerning wilderness preservation, Deep Ecology, and restoration. At heart, this course is designed as an intellectual history of nature. This class concentrates on the ideas of seminal thinkers concerned with the natural world, and examine how these men and women impacted history through their beliefs and philosophies, through their written works, through art, and through modern media such as film and television. Cross-listed with ENV 160. Requirement Designation: Understanding the Past.
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