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HST 111
The World To C.1500
HST 112
The World, C.1500-1914
HST 113
The World, 1900-Present
HST 121
Latin America To 1765: Life Before And After Columbus
HST 131
Africa To 1800
HST 141
The Muslim World, C. 600 Ce To 1100
HST 151
India To 900 - From The Stone Age To The Golden Age
HST 171
Europe, 400-1400
HST 172
Europe, 1348-1789
HST 173
Europe, 1789-Present
HST 181
United States To 1800
HST 182
United States, 1800-1900
HST 183
United States, 1900-Present
HST 185
American Social History And Culture
HST 200
Mexico After Independence
HST 204
Film And Latin American History
HST 206
Mexico: From The Olmecs To Independence
HST 208
Imperial Russia
HST 211
The Art Of Crusading
HST 213
Medieval Mystics In Europe: 1000-1600 Ad
HST 217
The Vikings: Medieval Ambassadors Of Terror, Trade And Multi...
HST 218
Catholic Experience I
HST 219
Catholic Experience II
HST 222
Modern Germany, 1870-Present
HST 233
The Rise Of Modern China
HST 239
Women In Modern Europe, 1800-Present
HST 240
History Of Chicago
HST 241
World Refugee Crisis
HST 242
History Of Human Rights In Europe
HST 246
African-American History To 1800
HST 252
The Age Of The Cold War: 1945-1991
HST 261
Catholicism In World History I: Jesus To 1500
HST 264
JAPAN c.1200 - 1800
HST 266
Ireland, 1450 - 1800, Conquest, Colonization & Rebellion
HST 268
Ireland, 1800-Present
HST 269
Museums, Material Culture And Memory: Introduction To Public...
HST 271
Old Regime And Revolutionary France
HST 273
History Of Sexuality In Europe
HST 274
Intelligence In 20Th Century
HST 276
Sex In America, Late Victorians To Present
HST 280
History Of Us National Parks
HST 281
Ideas Of Nature In Us History
HST 290
Ancient Egypt
HST 291
The Fertile Crescent: Mesopotamia And Beyond
HST 295
American History And Film/Tv
HST 296
Ancient Rome: Origins To The End Of The Republic
HST 298
Introduction To Historical Sources And Methods
HST 299
Craft Of History
HST 317
Individual And Society In Renaissance Italy
HST 322
Topics In Asian History
HST 329
Special Topics In History
HST 337
Revolution And Nationalism In Ireland, 1798 - 1923
HST 338
The Great War, 1914 - 1918
HST 355
Gandhi And The World
HST 379
Reconstruction And The Rise Of Jim Crow
HST 381
HST 382
Chicago History Museum Experience
HST 387
Topics In Russian History
HST 388
The Court And The U.S. Bill Of Rights
HST 390
Capstone In Historical Research And Writing
HST 392
Public History Internship
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