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RSPT 113
Intro to Clinical Care
RSPT 114
Respiratory Patient Care
RSPT 115
Respiratory Care I
RSPT 116
Respiratory Equipment I
RSPT 117
Respiratory Care II
RSPT 118
Respiratory Equipment I Lab
RSPT 120
Respiratory Equipment II
RSPT 122
Respiratory Equipment II Lab
RSPT 150
Respiratory Care Practicum I
RSPT 157
Proficiency Seminar I
RSPT 250
Pulmonary Function Testing
RSPT 251
Clinical Respiratory Care I
RSPT 252
Clinical Respiratory Care II
RSPT 253
Mgmt: Respiratory Therapy Dept
RSPT 254
Clinical Seminar
RSPT 255
Speciality Practicum
RSPT 256
Respiratory Care III
RSPT 257
Pharmacology for Resp Care
RSPT 258
Proficiency Seminar II
RSPT 259
Physicians' Lectures II
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