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COGS 001
Intro to Cognitive Science
COGS 002
Cognitive Psychology
COGS 07.01
Medical Humanities
COGS 11.04
Face Perception
COGS 11.03
Mind, Language, Morality (Remote, with synchronous component...
COGS 021
Intro Computationl Neurosci
COGS 025
PHIL of Cognitive Science
COGS 026
Philosophy and Computers
COGS 044
Artificial Intelligence
COGS 50.04
Theories of Consciousness (Remote, with synchronous componen...
COGS 50.06
Comp Psych of Language
COGS 50.05
COGS 50.01
Animal Minds
COGS 080
Cog Science Major Seminar
COGS 081
Cog Sci Major Seminar II
COGS 085
Independent Study&Research
COGS 086
Honors Research
COGS 087
Honors Thesis
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