BIOL 015 - Genetic Variation&Evolution

This course focuses on fundamental processes and mechanisms of evolution on a population level that give rise to variation and diversity of living organisms.  Topics include the source and distribution of phenotypic and genotypic variation in nature; the forces that act on genetic variation (mutation, migration, selection, drift); the genetic basis of adaptation, speciation, and phyletic evolution. Throughout the course we will exemplify the topics with data on natural populations, emphasizing humans and their microbial commensals and pathogens. The concepts will be integrated with in-class problem solving and discussions of seminal scientific papers.  Laboratories will be a mix of population process modeling and measuring evolution in natural systems.  Open to all students without prerequisite. Note: BIOL 12, BIOL 13, BIOL 14, BIOL 15, BIOL 16 may be taken in any order.
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