NURS 292C - Medical-Surgical Nursing II

Prerequisite: NURS 195 C and NURS 197 C, and completion of or concurrent enrollment in NURS 196 C and acceptance in the Nursing Program. Term hours: 41 lecture and 148 laboratory. This course prepares the student to apply the nursing process, to develop nursing judgment and to prioritize patient centered care for multiple acute medical surgical patients in a variety of settings. Students will apply quality and safety standards within a spirit of inquiry firmly based in the science and art of nursing. Students will recall and build upon the curricular concepts (previously learned in N192, N193, N196, and 197) of patient-centered care, safety, oxygenation, regulation and movement using teamwork and collaboration, professionalism, evidence based practice, quality improvement and informatics to provide effective care to achieve positive patient outcomes. (CSU)
CC AS Twenty Unit Req, Nursing, Not a basic skills course, Nursing Science-Clinical Pract
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