MATH 115C - Finite Mathematics

Prerequisite: MATH 040 C or MATH 041 C or Algebra II with a grade of "C" or better and the assessment process. Proof of prerequisites is required. Term hours: 72 lecture. This course covers graphing, finance, matrices, linear systems, linear programming, combinatorial analysis, probability, and descriptive statistics. Applications to the fields of business, economics, biological sciences, and behavioral sciences are emphasized. This course requires the use of a graphing calculator comparable to the TI-83/84. (UC/CSU, AA GE, CSU GE, IGETC, C-ID: MATH 130)
C-GE B2 Mathematics, C-CSU B4 Math/Quant Reasn, C-IGETC 2A Math, Mathematics, Not a basic skills course, Class Size - 35
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