MATH 110C - Math for Prospective Teachers

Prerequisite: MATH 030 C and MATH 040 C or MATH 041 C or Plane Geometry and Algebra II with grades of "C" or better and the assessment process. Proof of prerequisites is required. Term hours: 72 lecture. This course is an introduction to problem solving processes and strategies. Students explore the development and analysis of the structure and operations of the real number system. Students focus on concept and process development using appropriate models, manipulatives, and activities. This course is designed for prospective elementary and middle school teachers. This course requires the use of a non-graphing scientific calculator. (UC/CSU, AA GE, CSU GE, C-ID: MAYH 120)
C-GE B2 Mathematics, C-CSU B4 Math/Quant Reasn, Mathematics, Not a basic skills course
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