MATH 040F - Intermediate Algebra

!PRQ MATH 020 F with a grade of "C" !PRQ or better or math skills clearance This course is appropriate for students preparing to take MATH 129 F, MATH 141 F, MATH 141HF or MATH 142 F. Topics include at an intermediate level: factoring, exponents, radicals, rational expressions, functions and graphs, linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, logarithms, and conic sections. This course also meets the prerequisite for MATH 100 F, MATH 120 F and MATH 120HF. Students who receive credit for MATH 040 F may not receive credit for MATH 041 F.
F-GE B2 Mathematics, FC/Paralegal Mathematics, AA GE, Mathematics, Course Site (Blackboard), Not a basic skills course, Class Size - 35
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