MUSC 210 - Introduction To Music Technology

Introduction to computers and their use in a musical context. Includes an historical overview of the field and in-depth investigation of the use of computers and synthesizers in creating musical compositions (both printed and recorded). Students will learn the basics of synthesis, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, the language by which computers and synthesizers can "talk" to each other), sequencing, computer music notation, and random computer-generated compositional processes. Computer ethics and word processing will also be covered. Projects will be completed in Microsoft Word (word processing), Vision (sequencing), Finale (notation), and M (random compositional processes.) Two hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory. Class Notes: This section of the class will be taught online. 12 seats in this class are reserved for students who need this course for major/minor requirements. On June 24 at 12:01 AM open seats are available to all students, eligible wait listed students will have priority. Requirement Designation: C3 - Humanities.
Lower Div GE requirement in Arts and/or Humanities
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