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MUSC 101
Music Theory I
MUSC 102
Music Theory II
MUSC 120
Introduction to Music
MUSC 140
Beginning Guitar
MUSC 145
Beginning Piano
MUSC 146
Intermediate Piano
MUSC 194
Vocal Ensemble
MUSC 196
Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 197
Wind Ensemble I
MUSC 201
Music Theory III
MUSC 202
Music Theory IV
MUSC 210
Introduction To Music Technology
MUSC 220
A Survey Of Western Music
MUSC 240
Vocal and Instrumental Instruction
MUSC 250
Learning Through the Arts: Music, Theater, Visual Arts
MUSC 303
Music Analysis
MUSC 305
MUSC 306
Studio Composition
MUSC 307
Scoring For Film
MUSC 310
Recording Techniques
MUSC 322
Survey Of World Music I
MUSC 323
Music in Ritual and Religion
MUSC 340
Advanced Vocal And Instrumental Instruction
MUSC 380-3
ST: Applied Piano
MUSC 380-2
St: A History Of Jazz
MUSC 392
World Music Ensemble
MUSC 394
Vocal Ensemble
MUSC 396
Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 397
Wind Ensemble II
MUSC 402
Advanced Composition With Computers
MUSC 427
Music and Culture in the United States
MUSC 480
Music Activities for Children and Adults
MUSC 490
Senior Capstone
Independent Study
Indep Study
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