LING 341 - Language Issues in the United States

Introduces students to a number of issues surrounding language use in the United States today, including bilingual education, bilingualism, English-only legislation, endangered languages, ebonics, and hate speech. Each issue will be considered in its historical context and in terms of its effect on the school-age population of the United States. Class discussion, rather than lecture, will be the main venue for this exploration, and each section will involve a project considering the issue in its current, real-world context. Enrollment restricted to students with Junior or Senior standing. Class Notes: Some seats in this class are reserved for students who need this course for major/minor requirements. On Dec 2 at 12:01 AM open seats are available to all students, eligible wait listed students will have priority. This class is completely online. Requirement Designation: DD - UDGE Social Science.
Upper Div GE requirement in Social Science
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