HD 495 - Field Experience in Human Development

Supervised experience providing service in health and human services setting. Students will spend approximately eight (8) hours per week, for a minimum of 90 hours during the semester, in a child, adolescent and/or adult human services organization. Students will participate in service delivery, conduct observations, attend weekly class meetings, read related material and prepare written reports. May be repeated for a total of six (6) units, but no more than three (3) units of credit may be applied toward the major. Prerequisite: HD 304, and 6 units from concentration/option units completed.Students must have completed a pre-course orientation offered the prior semester. Class Notes: Seats are reserved for students that have completed the Orientation requirement and have Senior Standing. Orientations for the HD 495 course and the simultaneous fieldwork experience are required for all interns to attend a semester prior to the beginning of the course and internship experience.
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