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QAS 200
Fundamentals of Quality
QAS 220
Fundamentals of Measurement Science
QAS 312
Interpretation of Technical Documentation
QAS 325
Technical Communications
QAS 330
Statistical Quality Control and Inspection
QAS 331
The Manufacturing Process
QAS 332
Electrical Metrology
QAS 335
Quality Auditing
QAS 360
Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing
QAS 427
Quality Improvement
QAS 450
Value Based Quality
QAS 495
Selected Topics in Quality Assurance
QAS 498
Directed Research in Q.A.
QAS 499
Senior Project
QAS 510
Advanced Probability and Statistics
QAS 511
Quality Function Management and TQM
QAS 512
QAS 513
Statistical Quality Control and Sampling
QAS 514
Advanced Experimental Design
QAS 515
Human Factors in Quality Assurance
QAS 516
Measurement and Testing Techniques
QAS 518
Quality Project Management and Productivity
QAS 523
Software Reliability
QAS 525
ISO 9000 & The Audit Function
QAS 526
Supplier Quality Assurance
QAS 530
Statistical Quality Control (SQC) for Service Professionals
QAS 531
Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance
QAS 532
Quality Assurance of the Service Delivery Process
QAS 535
Lean Manufacturing
QAS 536
Six Sigma Principles and Applications
QAS 538
Evaluation and Outcome Analysis for Healthcare Delivery
QAS 539
Good Manufacturing Practices
QAS 542
Risk Management in FDA Regulated Industries
QAS 594
Ind Study In Assurance Science
QAS 595
Special Topics by Directed Study: Quality Assurance Applicat...
QAS 598
Directed Research
QAS 599
QAS 600
Grad Continuation Course
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