KIN 425 - Pe In The Elementary Sch

Prerequisite: In order to begin the hours for fieldwork in this course, you will need a valid Certificate of Clearance (fingerprints) and proof of a negative TB (within 4 months of the fieldwork course beginning. For information on submitting these documents, contact the Center for Teaching Careers.Overview of bodies of knowledge in the field of physical education and their application to elementary physical education. Analysis of educational theories and practices as they relate to effectively teaching physical education to elementary school children. Course includes peer teaching lessons. Two hours of lecture and two hours of activity per week. Fee required. Add Consent: Department Consent Required.
Offered Fall, Spring, & Summer Co-req: Must take Lec & Act Approve for Hybrid Delivery Classes that require department consent health requirement Classes that require a co-requisite(s) Classes that require additional fees Requires Prerequisite. Refer to University Catalog
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