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ENG 88
Developmental Reading
ENG 95
Special Topics in Writing
ENG 99
Basic Writing Workshop
ENG 108
Freshman Composition I: Stretch 1
ENG 109
Freshman Composition I: Stretch 2
ENG 110
Freshman Composition Accelerated
ENG 111
Freshman Composition II
ENG 112
Freshman Composition Supported
ENG 150
Languages of the World
ENG 210
Study of Language
ENG 230
Literature and Popular Culture
ENG 271
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 302
English Literature to 1642
ENG 303
English Literature: 1642-1832
ENG 304
English Literature: 1832-Present
ENG 305
Critical Reading of Literature
ENG 306
Backgrounds of Western Literature
ENG 307
Practice in Literary Criticism
ENG 308
Critical Approaches to Children's Literature
ENG 310
Study of Language
ENG 311
ENG 312
ENG 314
English Syntax: Traditional
ENG 315
English Syntax: Generative-Transformational
ENG 317
Sociolinguistics: Black English
ENG 325
ENG 326
Prose Fiction
ENG 327
ENG 335
Readings in World Literature
ENG 340
American Literature to 1865
ENG 341
American Literature: 1865-Present
ENG 342
African American Literature
ENG 345
Latino/a Literature
ENG 347
Literature of Ethnicity and Gender
ENG 350
Advanced Composition
ENG 352
Writing and Speaking Skills for Management
ENG 413
History of the English Language
ENG 414
American English
ENG 420
Linguistic Analysis
ENG 451
Advanced Creative Writing
ENG 457
Advanced Composition for Teachers
ENG 465
ENG 467
ENG 476
Individual Authors and Topics Pre-1700
ENG 477
Individual Authors and Topics Post-1700
ENG 485
Literary, Media and Culture Studies
ENG 486
Studies in Language and Literature (TESL)
ENG 487
Introduction to Second-Language Learning and Teaching
ENG 490
Seminar in Literature
ENG 492
Seminar in Linguistics:
ENG 494
Independent Study
ENG 495
Special Topics in English
ENG 496
ENG 501
Advanced Studies in Literature
ENG 513
History of English Language
ENG 514
American English
ENG 530
Seminar: Studies in Medieval Literature
ENG 535
Seminar: Studies in Renaissance Literature
ENG 540
Seminar: Studies in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Liter...
ENG 543
Seminar: Studies in Romantic Literature (1798-1832)
ENG 545
Literary Criticism
ENG 546
Seminar: Studies in Victorian Literature (1832-1901)
ENG 549
Seminar: Modern British Literature
ENG 552
Sem: Studies In American Literature to 1900
ENG 555
Seminar: Studies in American Literature After 1900
ENG 570
Seminar in Writing
ENG 571
Discourse Analysis
ENG 575
Teaching Of Composition
ENG 576
History and Theories of Rhetoric
ENG 577
Current Issues in Rhetoric and Composition
ENG 581
Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse
ENG 582
Seminar: Linguistic Analysis
ENG 584
Seminar: Sociolinguistics
ENG 585
Second Language Acquisition
ENG 586
Teaching Language and Literature in the ESL Context
ENG 587
Seminar: Current Issues in TESL/Applied Linguistics
ENG 588
Sem:Pedag Gram For TESOL
ENG 592
Seminar:Topics in Linguistics
ENG 594
Independent Study
ENG 600
Grad Continuation Course
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