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EDCS 5010
EDCS 5020
Human Communications
EDCS 5030
Social Justice
EDCS 5040
Introduction to Advocacy in Counseling
EDCS 5050
Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling
EDCS 5060
Theories in Counseling
EDCS 5070
Counseling Across the Lifespan
EDCS 5080
Research in Counseling
EDCS 5090
Special Problems In Counseling
EDCS 6010
Assessment and Evaluation in C
EDCS 6020
Introduction to Student Affairs
EDCS 6030
School Counseling Domains and Techniques
EDCS 6050
Career Counseling
EDCS 6060
Therapeutic Methods in Group Settings
EDCS 6070
Group Counseling: Student Affairs
EDCS 6210
Fldwrk in School Counseling I
EDCS 6220
Fieldwork in School Counseling II
EDCS 6230
Fieldwork in School Counseling III
EDCS 6240
Fieldwork in School Counseling IV
EDCS 6310
Fieldwork in Student Affairs I
EDCS 6320
Fieldwork in Student Affairs II
EDCS 6330
Master's Exam in Counseling
EDCS 6340
Fieldwork in Student Affairs III
EDCS 6350
Fieldwork in Student Affairs IV
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