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SOC 1010
Intro to Sociology
SOC 1110
Social Problems
SOC 1200
Race & Ethnicity
SOC 1250
Diversity US Soc
SOC 2030
Sociol Of Deviance
SOC 2050
Soc Of Pop Culture
SOC 2120
AF AM Science / Societ
SOC 2230
Gender & Society
SOC 2250
Int to Gerontology
SOC 2300
The Family
SOC 2410
Collective Behavior
SOC 2450
Identity & Community
SOC 2500
Int Social Work
SOC 3060
Hip Hop and Society
SOC 3200
Race Relations
SOC 3290
Latinas/Os Contem Soc
SOC 3300
Soc of Religion
SOC 3400
The Urban Community
SOC 3500
Social Wk Practce I
SOC 3510
Social Wk Practce II
SOC 3560
Cris Interven Soc Wk
SOC 3800
Soc Theory
SOC 4100
Develop Perspectives
SOC 4200
Soc Class & Strat
SOC 4230
Black Women and Society
SOC 4280
Law/Pb Polcy/Af Amer
SOC 4300
Sem:Soc Blk Families
SOC 4450
Community Organizing
SOC 4550
Child Welfare Serv
SOC 4810
Social Research Meth
SOC 4830
Quant Methods Soc
SOC 4980
Senior Seminar
SOC 5450
Community Organizing
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