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PHIL 101
Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 102
Critical Thinking and Reasoning
PHIL 114
Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 115
Philosophy of Death and Dying
PHIL 119
Introduction to the Old Testament
PHIL 124
Philosophical Traditions of Asia
PHIL 129
Introduction to the New Testament
PHIL 131
Introduction to Metaphysics
PHIL 135
Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 201
Philosophy Goes to the Movies
PHIL 205
Science and Religion
PHIL 207
Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 215
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 216
Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL 241
Ethics in Business
PHIL 242
Ethics for Engineers and Scientists
PHIL 245
Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 246
Philosophy of Law
PHIL 249
Environmental Ethics
PHIL 295
Topical Issues in Philosophy
PHIL 302
Intermediate Reasoning and Critical Thinking
PHIL 311
Professional Ethics
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