PSYC 309L - Forensic & Legal Psychology

The general aim of this course is to learn about psychological knowledge as it applies to law. The course offers an overview of contemporary psychological theories, research, principles, concepts, and practices pertinent to the legal system. Although students will gain an appreciation for the culture and traditions of law, this is not a law course. The emphasis is on human behavior and mental processes and the interaction of psychology with the legal and criminal justice systems. Specific topics include psychological assessment, testing, and the law; psychology and the courts; mental health law (competencies, criminal responsibility, civil commitment; the psychology of the jury (procedural considerations and jury decision making; the psychology of evidence (eyewitness testimony, the polygraph, hypnosis, facial composites, profiling, pretrial publicity); correctional psychology; family law; juvenile delinquency and justice; criminal behavior; and the psychology of law enforcement. Prerequisite: PSYC 111
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