PHA 410 - Third World Cultures and Health Care (ILAC Service)

This service course allows students to learn about the culture and health care practices of a third world country through professional and community-related service activities. The 5-6 week summer service experience during the months of June and July in the Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC) Summer Program has a major focus on the team approach to episodic health-care problems. This unique experience affords the student the opportunity to participate in the inter-disciplinary assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of health care delivery and education in a Third World country, under the direction of faculty. Students present an oral reflection on the lessons learned from the experience and a seminar on their experience to interested Creighton students and faculty. The student has to apply and be accepted to the ILAC Summer Program. There are informational meetings about the ILAC Summer Program each year during the fall semester (September/October). Interested students must submit an application to the ILAC Omaha Office by November 1st for the following summer program. An interview is scheduled and accepted participants are notified electronically before Thanksgiving break. Pharmacy students will be competing for the 18-24 'ayudante' (helper) positions with students from other colleges, universities, and professionals. P: OTD 330 or equivalent Application and acceptance to ILAC Summer Program.
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