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PBS 301
Psychiatry Clerkship
PBS 333
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
PBS 334
PBS 335
Geriatric Psychiatry
PBS 336
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
PBS 410
General Hospital Psychiatry Sub-Internship (PRC)
PBS 412
Outpatient Psychiatry
PBS 414
Pediatric Psychiatry (PRC)
PBS 420
Special Topics in Psychiatry
PBS 421
Psychiatric Intensive Care, Phoenix
PBS 425
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Sub-Internship Valleywise (PRC...
PBS 429
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Sub-Internship Valleywise (PRC)
PBS 440
Basic Psychotherapeutic Interventions In Medicine And Mental...
PBS 445
Outpatient Psychiatry
PBS 446
Adult Outpatient Partial Program Elective
PBS 462
Clinical Psychopharmacology
PBS 463A
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
PBS 463
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
PBS 464
Psychiatry Research
PBS 467A
Geriatric Psychiatry
PBS 467
Geriatric Psychiatry
PBS 472
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Sub-Internship (OMA)
PBS 472A
Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
PBS 474
Mood Disorders and Their Treatment
PBS 474A
Mood Disorders & Treatment
PBS 475
Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Sub-Internship (OMA)
PBS 476
Special Topics in Psychiatry
PBS 479
PBS 479A
PBS 482A
Trans-Cultural/Comm Psychiatry
PBS 482
Trans-Cultural and Community Psychiatry
PBS 483
Domestic Violence Practicum
PBS 486
Narratives in Illness
PBS 498
Psychiatry Extramural
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