MED 301 - Internal Medicine Clerkship

The Internal Medicine Clerkship is a required eight-week clinical rotation in the third year of medical school. It is composed of two four-week sessions. You will care for some very complex patients with multiple chronic and acute medical problems. You will also have the opportunity to see some esoteric and complicated tertiary care patients. The Department of Medicine views this Clerkship as integral to your development as a physician. We believe that what you will learn over the next eight weeks will be of use to you no matter what field of Medicine you ultimately choose. The scope of Internal Medicine can be daunting. We have designed the Clerkship to promote self-directed, reflective learning habits that should serve you well throughout your career. You are expected to take the initiative in all aspects of your learning. This includes actively seeking feedback, participating in discussions, sharing your knowledge with others, and of course, spending time with your patients.
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