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HIS 273 - Global Perspectives in History: History of Science and Medicine

In this course, we will examine the interaction, uptake, and enhancement of western science, technology, and medicine around the globe. While these forces have significantly shaped the modern world, western knowledge and technology have been understood and adopted in different ways by local cultures. One of the best ways to understand a society is to examine how it has made sense of and altered the world. This can be accomplished by asking: How was reliable knowledge created? Why, who, and where were diseases understood to strike? What role did technologies play in revolution? Through an examination of these questions, history offers opportunities to rethink assumptions about rational thought, objective reasoning, and how the world works. P: One Critical Issues in Human Inquiry course or HRS 100 or HRS 101.
Magis:Global Perspctvs History, CCAS_CoreB_Mod Western History, COBA_Modern Western World
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