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PS 200M2 - Basic Police Academy, Module 2

This is the second module of a three-module series leading to completion of the Basic Police Academy. Students who complete this module may be appointed as Level II Reserve Peace Officers. This module will provide advanced training in California criminal law, search and seizure, presentation of evidence; and intermediate-level training in firearms, arrest and control techniques, and investigative report writing. Because this course requires strenuous running, lifting, reaching, falling and range of motion activities, students should be free of any medical or physical conditions which could be aggravated by participating in the course. Students must participate fully in order to successfully complete the course. Entry into this program requires the following: Current certification (within last 3 years) in PC 832 Training requirements(CA Code of Regulations, Title 11, Division 2, Section 1080) No felony conviction (CA Government Code 1029) High school diploma, GED or Proficiency Examination (CA Government Code 1031) Fingerprint Clearance from the California Department of Justice (Government Code Section 1030) Current certification in First Aid and CPR training requirements for public safety personnel as prescribed by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority and set forth in the (California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 1.5, Sections 10005-100028) Valid California Driver’s License Recent medical clearance by a licensed physician Possession of all required equipment, uniforms, supplies and materials
Not a Basic Skills Course, Degree Applicable
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