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ATR 101
Foundations of Athletic Train.
ATR 102
Basic Techniques: Ath Training
ATR 129
TP: ATR Observational Hours
ATR 221
Athletic Training Theory&Mthds
ATR 222
Recognition & Eval of Injury
ATR 233
Field Exp: Athletic Training I
ATR 317
Acute Care of Injury & Illness
ATR 318
General Medical Conditions
ATR 319
HYB: Org & Admin in Ath Train
ATR 323
Advanced Clinical Skills
ATR 324
Applied Clinical Skills
ATR 333
Field Exp:Athletic Training II
ATR 334
Field Exp: Athletic Train III
ATR 342
Therapeutic Exercise
ATR 343
Therapeutic Modalities
ATR 360
Psycho-Social Intervention
ATR 362
Adv Conditioning & Rehab Exer.
ATR 389
WEB: EBP in Athletic Training
ATR 418
Pharm & Adv Gen Med Conditions
ATR 421
Athletic Injury Risk Mgmt.
ATR 423
Seminar in Athletic Training
ATR 433
Field Exp: Athletic Train IV
ATR 444
Lab Assist: Adv Clinical Skill
ATR 489
WEB: Research Methods in AT
ATR 499
Spec Study Athletic Training
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