DNCE 5501 - Graduate African Dance

Explores the technique, styles and rhythms of regional and national cultures of Africa by introducing signature attributes common to different countries' dance traditions. Features discussions of the musical traditions, histories, cosmologies, philosophies and aesthetics to contextualize and increase familiarity. Areas of concentration may vary by each semester (e.g. Ghana, Guinea, Intermediate). May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours. Class Notes: Students who do not attend the first two class sessions may be administratively dropped at the discretion of the instructor. Please plan on attending the first two classes of African dance, to participate in the Course Orientation. This applies to both enrolled and waitlisted students.You'll be administratively dropped from the course if you fail to show up for the first two classes. Waitlisted students must participate in the course orientation to stand any chance of getting enrolled at all. Enrollment Requirements: Restricted to graduate students only.
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