DNCE 3043 - Choreographic Process

Examines physical and spatial relationships via group and site specific work. New methods of creative problem solving unearth and mine one's imagination and inspiration, cultivating the individual's unique process of dance-making. Class interrogates and supports students' developing language for addressing, critiquing and comprehending compositional choices and structures through verbal and written feedback practice. Can be taken out of sequence with DNCE 3033. Class Notes: Program Fee of $25 per credit hour. Students who do not attend the first two class sessions may be administratively dropped at the discretion of the instructor. Enrollment Requirements: Requires prerequisite courses of DNCE 1013 and DNCE 2021 or DNCE 3041 or DNCE 4061 (all minimum grade C-). Restricted to Dance (DNCE or DBFA, excludes DNCE-MIN) majors only.
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