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ARTS 119
LC 3: Drawing I
ARTS 215
LC 4: Intro. to Film Photography
ARTS 216
Painting I
ARTS 218
Printmaking I
ARTS 220
LC 3: Sculpture I
ARTS 235
ST: Color Theory
ARTS 315
Intermediate Film Photography
ARTS 316
Digital Photography I: Portrait and Documentary Photography
ARTS 318
Themes and Practice
ARTS 319
Drawing II
ARTS 322
Painting II
ARTS 323
Printmaking II
ARTS 324
Sculpture II
ARTS 326
Drawing III
ARTS 327
Alternative Photographic Techniques
ARTS 328
Painting III
ARTS 329
ARTS 330
Sculpture III
ARTS 331
Painting IV
ARTS 332
Advanced Printmaking
ARTS 333
Sculpture IV
ARTS 334
Advanced Photography
ARTS 335
Selected Topics in Advanced Studio Practice : Public Art
ARTS 339
Drawing IV
ARTS 349
Digital Photography II: Landscape Photography
ARTS 410
ARTS 418
Senior Thesis Exhibition
ARTS 430
Etching Portfolio
ARTS 499
Illustrating IndigeniousCulture into Realistic Fantasy
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