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THEA 130
Private Voice
THEA 150
Drawing & Drafting for Stage
Arts Administration Practicum
THEA 200
Principles of Arts Admin
THEA 210
The Dramatic Impulse
THEA 230
Pract Act:Brdway to Boardroom
THEA 232
Acting I
THEA 233
Acting II
THEA 250
Scene Design and Technology
Backstage Practicum
THEA 252
Costume Design and Technology
THEA 257
Stage Mechanics
THEA 258
Makeup for the Theater
THEA 310
Theater History I
THEA 311
Theater History II
THEA 332
The Actor's Voice
THEA 333
Acting II
THEA 334
The Actor's Body
THEA 336
Fundamentals of Play Directing
THEA 338
Intro to Stage Combat-Unarmed
THEA 346
History of Musical Theater
THEA 351
Tech Theater II
THEA 352
Art, Clothing and Society
THEA 353
Scene Painting
THEA 354
Scene Design
THEA 355
Sound Design
THEA 356
Lighting Design
THEA 359
Designing in CAD
THEA 365
WI: Playwriting
THEA 368
WI: Science on the Stage
THEA 380
THEA 430
Acting III
THEA 432
The Actor's Voice II
THEA 438
A Call to Arms
THEA 451
Stage Management
THEA 452
Costume Design
THEA 463
WI: Dramatic Lit in Context
THEA 491
Theater Practicum
THEA 492
Arts Admin Internship
THEA 498
Thesis Project
THEA 499
IND ST:Fight Captain/Quarterst
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