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POLS 100
Political Thought and Society
POLS 101
Power and Politics in America
POLS 202
State and Local Government
POLS 204
Hate Crime Realities & Consequ
POLS 215
Comprtv & Intnl Politics
POLS 240
The Sprme Court in Amer Politi
POLS 243
Crime & Punishment in America
POLS 291
Community Service Internship
POLS 307
Civil Liberties
POLS 311
WI:Comparative Politics
POLS 316
Constitutional Law
POLS 320
Religion & Politics in the US
POLS 322
Conflict and Peace Studies
POLS 323
American Foreign Policy
POLS 327
Int'l Law & Int'l Organization
POLS 329
International Human Rights
POLS 330
Middle Eastern Politics
POLS 333
POLS 338
Polit of Weapons Proliferation
POLS 340
Might and Right Among Nations
POLS 344
The Presidency
POLS 347
Justice, Politics, and Policy
POLS 352
Rsrch Methds & Quant Analysis
POLS 353
East Asian Politics
POLS 354
Political Campaigns/Elections
POLS 357
Classical Political Thought
POLS 358
Modern Political Thought
POLS 359
American Political Thought
POLS 363
The Judicial Process
POLS 371
WI: Public Admin & Policy
POLS 375
Labor Law and Politics
POLS 380
POLS 381
Internationl Political Economy
POLS 382
Women and Politics
POLS 391
Int'l Environmental Politics
POLS 395
SPC TP:US Envrnmtl Policy
POLS 402
WI: Intl Rltns Theory/Wrld Iss
POLS 410
Ethnic Conflict & Nationalism
POLS 454
American Political Behavior
POLS 490
WI:Senior Seminar in Poli Sci
POLS 491
Political Science Internship
POLS 499
IND ST:Careers in GOVT
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