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PHIL 101
Critical Thinking I
PHIL 201
Ancient and Medieval Phil
PHIL 202
Modern Philosophy
PHIL 205
The Anatomy of Thought
PHIL 207
Ethical Issues in Business
PHIL 215
Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 304
Ethics/Current Value Questions
PHIL 306
Search for Beauty
PHIL 308
Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 312
American Philosophy
PHIL 315
Philosophy of Gender
PHIL 317
PHIL 319
Phil of Love and Sexuality
PHIL 320
Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 321
WI:Legal Reasoning
PHIL 326
WI: Philosophy in the Movies
PHIL 337
Radical Evil & Phil of Law
PHIL 344
Yoga: Philosophy & Practice
PHIL 348
Asian Philosophy
PHIL 349
Islamic Philosophy
PHIL 376
Environmental Ethics
PHIL 379
Philosophy of Language
PHIL 384
Medical Ethics
PHIL 386
Values and Postmodernity
PHIL 425
Constitutional Theory
PHIL 451
The Great Philosophers
PHIL 490
WI: Senior Seminar
PHIL 499
IND ST: Relgn in Contntal Phil
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