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MUSC 012
Performance Attendance
MUSC 014
Clarinet Masterclass
MUSC 100
University Chorale
MUSC 101
Wind Ensemble
MUSC 102
University Orchestra
MUSC 103
Jazz Ensemble
MUSC 104
Chamber Ensemble
MUSC 105
Chamber Choir
MUSC 106
Women's Chorus
MUSC 107
Opera CNU
MUSC 108
Jazz Combo
MUSC 109
Jazz Combination Advanced
MUSC 112
Marching Band
MUSC 114
University Band
MUSC 115
Elementary Keyboard Skills
MUSC 116
Elementary Keyboard Skills
MUSC 117
Men's Chorus
MUSC 120
Saxophone Ensemble
MUSC 122
String Chamber Music
MUSC 123
Pep Band
MUSC 124
Percussion Ensemble
MUSC 125
Elementary Improv Skills I
MUSC 135
Music Fundamentals
MUSC 137
Intro to Music Education
MUSC 200
Music Technology
MUSC 205
Film Music
MUSC 209
Elementary Ear Training
MUSC 210
Elementary Ear Training
MUSC 211
The Tonal System
MUSC 212
Tonal Harmony & Voice-Leading
MUSC 214
Jazz History & Literature
MUSC 215
Advanced Keyboard Skills
MUSC 216
Advanced Keyboard Skills
MUSC 220
Brass Instrument Techniques
MUSC 230
Woodwind Instrument Techniques
MUSC 240
Percussion Techniques
MUSC 250
String Instrument Techniques
MUSC 260
Voice Techniques
MUSC 261
Opera Workshop
MUSC 265
Foreign Language Diction I
MUSC 266
Foreign Language Diction II
MUSC 295
SPC TP: Jazz Improvisation
MUSC 303
History of Western Music I
MUSC 304
History of Western Music II
MUSC 305
History of Western Music III
MUSC 306
Global Transformations
MUSC 309
Advanced Ear Training I
MUSC 310
Advanced Ear Training II
MUSC 311
Chromatic Harmony
MUSC 312
Extend Tonal Tech and Atonalit
MUSC 314
Princ of Choral Conducting
MUSC 315
Digital Creativ w/Music Tech
MUSC 316
Princ Instrumental Conducting
MUSC 337
WI:Music in Elementary Schools
MUSC 391
String Literature & Pedagogy
MUSC 396
Woodwind Literature & Pedagogy
MUSC 401
WI:Sem in Music Bibliography
MUSC 411
Post-Tonal Theory
MUSC 413
MUSC 415
MUSC 416
Jazz Composition & Arranging
MUSC 417
Studio Production
MUSC 450
Vocal Literature
MUSC 490
WI:Falk Sem Music Hist Rsrch
MUSC 491
Practicum in Music
MUSC 492
Music Capstone Project
MUSC 499
IND ST:Contemp Record Techs
MUSC 510
Foundations of Music Education
MUSC 517
Secondary Instrumental Methods
MUSC 518
Secondary Choral Methods
MUSC 520
Choral Literature & Conducting
MUSC 530
Wind Literature & Conducting
MUSC 537
Music in Elementary Schools
MUSC 540
Orchestral Lit & Conducting
MUSC 545
Contemporary Skills & Issues
MUSC 570
Marching Band Techniques
MUSC 580
Jazz Ensemble Techniques
MUSC 599
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