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HONR 010
First Year Activities
HONR 020
Second Year Activities
HONR 030
Third Year Activities
HONR 040
Fourth Year Activities
HONR 100
Science and Controversy
HONR 300
The Evolution of Physics
HONR 301
Stem Cells: Science & Society
HONR 302
Why People Believe Weird Thing
HONR 303
Science & Pols Ches. Bay
HONR 304
Hamlet in Hyperspace
HONR 305
Frederick Douglass
HONR 306
Modernist Crisis & Tradition
HONR 309
Life Through the Lens
HONR 313
Personal Marketing
HONR 315
History & Memory
HONR 316
God Talk
HONR 317
Youth Violence
HONR 319
The Lotus Sutra
HONR 324
The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
HONR 329
Imagined & Real Communities
HONR 331
Adventures in Shondaland
HONR 333
Gothic:Literature, Art, & Film
HONR 336
Changing Fashion
HONR 339
Dance Studies
HONR 345
Science on the Stage
HONR 349
Imperfect Encounters
HONR 354
Computer Science & Theology
HONR 355
Economics in Film
HONR 356
Thinking Out Loud
HONR 360
Arguing about Education
HONR 361
Interpersonal Conflict
HONR 363
The Human across Cultures
HONR 365
HONR 368
Ancient Numismatics
HONR 369
Science Of Evil
HONR 370
HONR 374
Down Under/Across the Pond
HONR 375
Naturalism Across Disciplines
HONR 376
Refounding & Amer Imagination
HONR 377
From the Machine
HONR 378
The Soviet Experiment
HONR 381
Major-Related Indpdnt Study
HONR 382
HNRS: Civic Engagement
HONR 383
HNRS: Study Abroad
HONR 395
SPC TP: Heaven & Hell
HONR 484
Honors Portfolio
HONR 490
HNRS WI: Probl in Modern World
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