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HIST 111
Ancient and Medieval World
HIST 112
The Modern World
HIST 121
Early America to the Civil War
HIST 122
Mod Amer: Rcnst to Globl Power
HIST 210
History of Virginia
HIST 211
Comic Books & American Society
HIST 212
Viva Zapata! Rev & Peop Lat Am
HIST 213
Greek & Roman Warfare
HIST 214
The Black Death
HIST 300
WI: Hist Mthd & Historiography
HIST 301
The Ancient Greeks
HIST 302
The Roman Republic
HIST 303
The Roman Empire
HIST 304
U.S. Women's History
HIST 305
Hist Gender & Sexuality in US
HIST 308
Tudor & Stuart Britain
HIST 317
Rebldg Demo in Postwar Europe
HIST 320
Imperial Russian History
HIST 321
Soviet History and Beyond
HIST 324
America & The 2nd World War
HIST 325
Cold War Politics and Culture
HIST 326
Nazi State and the Holocaust
HIST 327
History on Film
HIST 329
Modern France
HIST 338
Modern Germany, 1945-Present
HIST 339
Hist of Propaganda: Film Study
HIST 341
The Long Civil Rights Movement
HIST 342
American Environmental History
HIST 343
Global Environmental History
HIST 346
Hist of the American Frontier
HIST 347
Atlntc Wrld Encountr 1400-1700
HIST 348
Intro-Historical Archaeology
HIST 349
The Rise & Fall of Amer Slvry
HIST 350
American Indians
HIST 351
American Military History
HIST 352
Colonial North America to 1700
HIST 354
Amer. Revol & Early Republic
HIST 355
Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 356
US-Gilded Age/Progressive Era
HIST 357
Twentieth Century Am,1920-1960
HIST 360
History of Tradit East Asian
HIST 364
History of Brazil
HIST 367
Modern Chinese History
HIST 368
Modern Japanese History
HIST 375
History of Modern Middle East
HIST 376
Modern N. Africa:since 1830
HIST 379
Early Middle Ages
HIST 380
Later Middle Ages
HIST 382
Disease and Rise of Modern Med
HIST 390
WI: Hist Mthd & Historiography
HIST 395
SPC TP:Afrcn Amer Womens Hist
HIST 399
IND ST:Nations & Nationalism
HIST 403
Ancient Persia
HIST 405
Law and Justice in Chinese His
HIST 408
The Crusades
HIST 415
The Byzantine Empire
HIST 423
Communism's Collapse
HIST 432
WWII in European Memory
HIST 435
Public History
HIST 443
20th Cent American Pop Culture
HIST 453
Empires of N. Amer, 1700-1775
HIST 462
The Mexican Revolution
HIST 479
(De)Colonizing the Middle East
HIST 480
The US as a World Power
HIST 485
The Great Depression
HIST 489
Womn & Socl Movmnts in US Hist
HIST 490
WI: Senior Seminar
HIST 491
HIST 499
IND ST:US Forgn Plcy & Mod ME
HIST 510
The Amer Historian as Teacher
HIST 530
The World Historian as Teacher
HIST 570
Mthds-Teach/Assess Soc Studies
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