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FNAR 117
3D Design
FNAR 118
2D Design
FNAR 121
Drawing I
FNAR 128
Introduction to Digital Media
FNAR 201
World Art in Context I
FNAR 202
World Arts in Context II
FNAR 205
Digital Photography
FNAR 224
Painting I
FNAR 227
Darkroom Photography
FNAR 241
Ceramics I
FNAR 251
Sculpture I
FNAR 252
Printmaking I
FNAR 322
Figure Drawing
FNAR 324
Advanced Painting
FNAR 327
Advanced Darkroom Photography
FNAR 331
Advanced Digital Photography
FNAR 333
Video Art
FNAR 334
Graphic Design Concepts
FNAR 335
Graphic Design Processes
FNAR 336
FNAR 341
Advanced Ceramics
FNAR 351
Advanced Sculpture
FNAR 352
Advanced Printmaking
FNAR 371
WI: Modern Art
FNAR 372
Arts in the United States
FNAR 373
Italian Renaissance Art
FNAR 374
Asian Art
FNAR 375
Pre-Columbian Art
FNAR 376
Medieval Art
FNAR 377
Contemporary Art
FNAR 378
Baroque Art
FNAR 380
Caribbean Art
FNAR 381
African Art
FNAR 388
Artist's Portfolio
FNAR 395
TC:Baroque Art
FNAR 401
IND ST: AWC Documentary
FNAR 402
Adv Studio Tps: Fiber Concepts
FNAR 403
WI:Adv Topics: Northern Ren
FNAR 488
Senior Seminar in Studio Art
FNAR 490
WI: Senior Seminar in Art Hist
FNAR 491
PRT: Mariners Museum Photo Arc
FNAR 499
IND ST: Baroque Art
FNAR 534
Theory & Practice of Art Educ
FNAR 538
Apprenticeship in Teaching Art
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