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ENGL 105
Literatures Western World
ENGL 123
First-Year Writing Seminar
ENGL 200
Lit Foundation I:Ancient-17thC
ENGL 201
Lit Foundation II:18thC-mid 19
ENGL 202
Lit Foundation III: Mid 19thC-
ENGL 215
Popular Genres
ENGL 216
Ruthless & Revered:Moral Chara
ENGL 223
Second-Year Writing Seminar
ENGL 250
Shaping Lang: Creative Writ
ENGL 256
Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL 271
The Arthurian Legend
ENGL 295
SPC TP:Intro Film Production
ENGL 304
WI:Creativity, out of Conflict
ENGL 308
WI: Lit, Theory, & Culture
ENGL 309
WI: Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 310
Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL 312
History- the English Language
ENGL 313
Literature and Social Issues
ENGL 315
Adolescent Literature
ENGL 316
Children's Literature
ENGL 320
Studies in Women & Lit
ENGL 323
Literatures of Globalizd World
ENGL 324
Exploring Alterity
ENGL 326
WI: Writing about Environment
ENGL 329
Modern Middle Eastern Lit.
ENGL 331
The Structure of English
Writing Center Experience
ENGL 339
WI:Tutoring in the Writing Ctr
ENGL 341
The Invasion of America
ENGL 343
Postmodern America
ENGL 345
African-American Lit & Culture
ENGL 350
WI: Writing-Digital Humanities
ENGL 351
WI: Fiction Writing
ENGL 352
WI: Poetry Writing
ENGL 353
WI: Writing for the Profession
ENGL 356
WI: Film, Theory & Culture
ENGL 365
ENGL 372
Early Modern British Literatur
ENGL 373
Myth, Legend/Medieval Britain
ENGL 374
Romanticisms & Realisms
ENGL 376
Make it New:20th Cen Brit Lit
ENGL 380
Film and Literature
ENGL 381
The Roaring Twenties
ENGL 385
American Film
ENGL 393
Environmental Imaginings
ENGL 395
SPC TP: Gothic Literature
ENGL 410
Southern American Literature
ENGL 412
Multicultural American Lit
ENGL 416
Adv Stud: Childr & Adolesc Lit
ENGL 421
ENGL 423
Major Authors
ENGL 429
East-West Literary Relations
ENGL 430
The Structure of English
ENGL 450
Adv Creative Writing Workshop
ENGL 452
WI: Writing for Children
ENGL 453
Writing for Children:Pic Books
ENGL 454
WI: Writ for Civic Engagement
ENGL 490
WI: Senior Seminar
ENGL 491
Internship in Writing
ENGL 499
IND ST:Writing a Novel
ENGL 521
Developing Elem Writers/Reader
ENGL 522
Content Area Literacy
ENGL 526
Teaching Writing in Secondary
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