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CPSC 110
Introduction to Computing
CPSC 125
Foundations of Computer Scienc
CPSC 140
Intro-Comp Prog w/ Multimedia
Intro to Programming Lab
CPSC 150
Introduction to Programming
CPSC 215
Software Pkgs-Busn Applcations
CPSC 216
Multimedia and Web Publishing
Prog for Data Manipulation Lab
CPSC 250
Progrmng for Data Manipulation
CPSC 255
Programming for Applications
CPSC 270
Data and File Structures
CPSC 280
Intro to Software Engineering
CPSC 295
SPC TP:Telling Story of Scienc
CPSC 327
C++ Programming
CPSC 330
Computer Organization
CPSC 335
Data Communication Systems
CPSC 336
Network Implementation/Admin I
CPSC 350
Information Systems Analysis
CPSC 351
Info Sys Design/Implementation
CPSC 360
Programming Language Concepts
CPSC 410
Operating Systems I
CPSC 420
CPSC 425
Object Oriented Program & Dsgn
CPSC 428
Cryptography & Network Securit
CPSC 430
Simulation Modeling
CPSC 440
Database Management Systems
CPSC 445
WI: Information Systems Lab
CPSC 471
Applied Artificial Intelligenc
CPSC 472
Introduction to Robotics
CPSC 475
Android Mobile Computing
CPSC 480
Software Design/Development
CPSC 495
SPC TP:Intro to Robotics
CPSC 498
Capstone Project-Comp Science
CPSC 501
Software Sys Dsgn/Implmentatn
CPSC 502
Communications I
CPSC 510
Artificial Intelligence I
CPSC 521
Computer Architecture
CPSC 525
Obj Oriented Program & Design
CPSC 575
Mobile Computing
CPSC 595
SPC TP:Computation
CPSC 599
IND ST:Algorithms
CPSC 611
Communications II
CPSC 621
Parallel Processing
CPSC 642
Artificial Intelligence II
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