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EM 640 - Leading and Managing Organizations

Success in leading people and managing performance demands that you have an understanding of how work groups operate and what motivates employees, as well as a candid assessment of your own personality and style. The purpose of this course is to help you understand the general principles and processes of effective leadership so that you can lead in a wide variety of organizational situations. Leadership development is relevant for any student pursuing a managerial career, and is particularly relevant to students who already hold leadership positions in their organizations. Topics covered in the on-campus sessions will focus on aspects of interpersonal behavior, including personality, leadership, teamwork, and conflict management. During the online sessions we will take a more macro perspective, examining firm-level issues such as power and influence, culture, and organizational congruence.Within these broad categories, we will examine specific theories and models that have been used to describe and predict behavior in organizations, as well as examples of successful and unsuccessful behavior in organizations. We will use readings from the business and academic press as our primary resources, and I expect each of you to bring additional examples to the classroom, either from personal experience or your reading of the business press.The course will be conducted as a seminar. This means that each of you will contribute to class discussion on a regular basis. I expect you to prepare thoroughly for each class - read the materials, identify and analyze the issues, and think about what you want to say. We will also be engaging in a number of experiential activities including a business simulation, case analyses, and in-class exercises. Enrollment Requirements: Restriction: This course requires admission to the Engineering Management MS program.
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