BIOL 105H - General Biology Honors

Prerequisite: Student must be eligible for the Citrus College Honors Program or obtain a recommendation from an Honors instructor. Strongly recommended: MATH 030, high school biology, or chemistry; also, ENGL 099 if required by English placement exam or if required by English level. The general biology course, lecture and laboratory, for non-majors, with emphasis upon molecular biology, cell structure and function, energy relationships, human physiological systems (including reproductive anatomy, reproductive cycles, development, and immunity), genetics, evolution, ecological interrelationships, and discussion of contemporary issues. The laboratory provides the student with expanded first-hand experience in specific areas of course content. Students are expected to work and participate at an honors level which includes strong critical thinking skills, through analysis of biological readings, presentations, and leadership skills demonstrated through class participation/presentation and service learning in community. 54 lecture hours, 54 lab hours.
AA/AS Degree Applicable, CSU Transferrable, UC Transferrable, IGETC Biological Sciences, IGETC Science Lab, CSU Biological Sciences, CSU Science Lab, Citrus GE, CSUGE, IGETC, Not a basic skills course, Transferrable
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