BUS 693 - Special Topics in Marketing

Prerequisite, BUS 605, or EMBA 605. Selected topics in marketing. May be repeated for credit. (Offered as needed.) 1-4 credits. Class Notes: The introduction of data-driven marketing in organizations around the world has reframed the role of analytics in the field. The focus of this course is to understand the new framework for sales, marketing and customer cultivation and what kinds of analytics and analytical techniques are required in an organization. The course will feature guest speakers who specialize in analytics within corporations. Participants will work on marketing data sets to develop hands-on analytical skills. Students will learn a variety of analytical tools such as multidimensional scaling, exploratory factor analysis, experimental designs, regression, logistic and multinomial logistic regression, conjoint analysis are included in the course. More important than the mechanics of analysis, the course will prioritize the interpretation of results and the development of decision crafting. Students will also understand the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and developments in those fields. Participants work in teams on a project and write a comprehensive report. Analytical tools such as Minitab and Alteryx will be made available for student use. (Offered in Spring semester.) 3 credits. Enrollment Requirements: TAKE BUS-605 OR EMBA-605.
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