BUS 692 - Special Topics in International Business

Prerequisite, BUS 604, or EMBA 604. Special topics in International Business. (Offered as needed.) 3 credits. Class Notes: This course will provide in-depth analysis on cultural differences between American business executives and foreign political stakeholders that have proven to be barriers to entry for many US corporations. This course will provide a framework for senior executives to take advantage of growing trends in the global economy without making critical cultural missteps. Students will also learn how to identify key indicators that signal changes in public policy and how to leverage these factors for business success. Students will develop the tools necessary to minimize risk in the public sector and create competitive advantages within their industry. The course is designed as an interactive seminar and students are required to be active participants to make this course fun and personally rewarding. Enrollment Requirements: TAKE BUS-604 OR EMBA-604.
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