BUS 630 - New Product Development

Prerequisite, BUS 605, or EMBA 605. The focus of the course is the management of the new product development process for both established firms and start-ups. Development and successful commercialization of new products and services are crucial to increase sales, profits, and even company survival rate in competitive industries. The course examines new product/service development from opportunity identification through launch. Best industry practices, development team dynamics, integration of products and services to offer higher value/benefits to users, sales forecasting, and a semester-long marketing plan project are cornerstones of the course. Students who take this class should be committed to participating fully in a team project. Teams typically meet for 1-3 hours per week outside class throughout the semester. (This is in addition to individual time spent preparing for class discussion.) The course is intended as a hands-on experience of the product development process. (Offered as needed.) 3 credits. Enrollment Requirements: Take BUS-605 or EMBA-605.
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