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ART C106
Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary
ART C131
Painting I
ART C240
Ceramics II
ART C107
Survey of Asian Art
Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary: Hono...
ART C108
Modern Art
ART C141
Ceramics I
ART C821
Intermediate Drawing
ART C111
Art and Design Foundations:2-D
ART C151
Sculpture I
ART C101
Introduction to Art
ART C115
Art and Design Foundations:3-D
ART C221
Drawing II
ART C831
Intermediate Painting
Art to Keep You Engaged: Ceram
ART C105
Survey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle Age...
ART C121
Drawing I
ART C231
Painting II
ART C841
Intermediate Ceramics
Special Studies in 2D Art
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